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frequently asked Questions

what is hiit?

hiit = high intensity interval training
- mix of strength and endurance training
-dynamic training with high intensity, leading to muscle exhaustion and the maximum
  oxygen uptake in the muscles
-short, high-intensity phases alternate with rest phases

what are the benefits of hiit?

-fat burning: hiit helps boost metabolism and burn fat.

-time savings: hiit workouts are shorter than regular workouts, so you'll get better results faster

-hiit helps improve muscle strength and endurance by putting the muscles under high stress

-hiit can help reduce stress and improve mood as it promotes the release of happy hormones in the body.

why zone4?




-our pulse-controlled hiit training in the 4th zone (80-90% of the maximum heart rate) is the perfect way to improve endurance and burn a lot of calories at the same time

-zone4 is suitable for everyone, whether beginner or advanced. our trainers will guide you through the workouts and help you to overcome your limits and achieve your goals.




-anaerobic training for maximum performance gain

-Improving lactate tolerance

what happens in the  4th zone?




how can i book courses?




clickhere, or simply download our free zone4 app. log in with your data and you're good to go.

do I have to buy an extra heart rate belt?







no, we will provide you with a chest strap
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